July 10, 2014

People Say the Nicest Things . . .

Posted in Writing at 11:17 am by Van Aaron Hughes

A huge thank you to new writer Tobacco Jones, whose first story is due out soon from Bete Noire magazine. He came across my story “Random Fire” and had these awfully nice things to say:

I just read a short story by Van Aaron Hughes in Abyss & Apex, called “Random Fire.” It’s sort of Van’s take on time travel, which in a way treads on a road well traveled. But, in this case, Van does it brilliantly. I literally got goose bumps while reading this, and they stayed. Probably the best short story I’ve ever read, honestly.

Aw, shucks! I didn’t know Tobacco Jones before he posted this, but when I saw it, I promptly e-mailed to tell him that if “Random Fire” is the best story he’s ever read, he needs to read more!

Meanwhile, this is from Shawn Camp’s review at My Dad Reads of the January issue of InterGalactic Medicine Show:

The best story here had to be “Seven Tips to Enjoy Your Time in the Unreal Forest” by Van Aaron Hughes. A kid struggling to fit in amongst bullies, girls, and an abusive father discovers a secret. In the end he discovers loss and wishes to share a message with everyone. A sad story with an important message.

Thanks for that, Shawn!

You know, you write these short stories and send them out into the world, but you’re never really sure if anyone but your closest friends is reading them. It’s awfully gratifying when somebody you don’t know responds to a piece you wrote.


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