March 15, 2014

Story Published

Posted in Writing tagged at 7:24 pm by Van Aaron Hughes

Electric Spec Mar 14My MuseMy story “Butcher’s Hook” was published today as part of the March 2014 issue of Electric Spec magazine (cover image by Ron Sanders).

Winners of the Writers of the Future Contest are all flown out to Hollywood for a week-long workshop with Tim Powers and an assortment of other top-notch science fiction and fantasy authors. Every year, the winners are challenged to write a story in 24 hours. Everyone receives a different prop to incorporate into the story and is abandoned on Hollywood Boulevard with instructions to have a 30-minute conversation with a complete stranger, who hopefully will provide inspiration for a character in the story. The year I was one of the winners, my prop was a small hook and my stranger-on-the-street turned out, by blind luck, to be the amazingly talented and beautiful actress Carolyn Stotesbery, pictured to the right.

Go check out “Butcher’s Hook” if you’re curious what I did with these prompts.


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