March 7, 2014

Nice Feedback from Tangent Online

Posted in Writing at 3:23 pm by Van Aaron Hughes

F&SF Mar-Apr 2013I neglected to mention here that my story “The Long View” made Tangent Online’s 2013 Recommended Reading List, with three stars, their highest rating. Among the other three-star recommendations are stories by some friends, including Brad R. Torgersen and Matthew S. Rotundo, and a lot of authors I hugely admire, like Gene Wolfe and Susan Palwick and Rachel Swirsky and Ken Liu and Ted Chiang and plenty more. I am greatly honored to be included in such amazing company!

More recently, Michelle Ristuccia at Tangent reviewed the January/February issue of IGMS, and had nice things to say about my story “Seven Tips to Enjoy Your Time in the Unreal Forest”:

By blending the real and the unreal, this insightful coming of age tale explores the moral quandaries that arise when actions do not trigger overt consequences. The format provides a tidy package that follows from the title, yet nonetheless tells a linear story.

Thanks for that, Michelle!


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