July 23, 2012

Story Sale

Posted in Writing tagged at 9:12 pm by Van Aaron Hughes

To all my friends, family, and writing colleagues who have had to listen to me whine about my streak of rejections this year, I offer a hearty Gilda Radner-style, NEVER MIND!

Today my story “The Long View” was accepted by Gordon Van Gelder for publication in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction!

This is my seventh sale to date, but of all the others, only the Writers of the Future win even comes close to this.  I remember reading Isaac Asimov in F&SF as a little kid.  Being in F&SF means that some library somewhere is going to bind up a book with my story in it and put it in the same bookcase as “Flowers for Algernon”!

I am a little excited.



  1. My friend S.L. Gilbow publishes in F&SF all the time, and I always tell him I’m going to join him there…but, nooo. Congrats on cracking a tough market!

  2. Thanks, Alisa! And congrats again on your Writers of the Future win! I guarantee you a great experience at the workshop and ceremony.

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