February 6, 2012

Award Eligibility

Posted in Writing tagged at 11:25 am by Van Aaron Hughes

So it’s awards season, and I’ve been asked about my award eligibility.  I feel a bit awkward, since the very idea of being nominated for one of the awards I’ve followed closely my whole life seems absurd, but what the heck.  If you feel inclined, I’d be honored if you would consider nominating me in the following categories:

John W. Cambpell Award for Best New Writer
(The form asks for an example – any of the stories below will do.)

Hugo/Nebula Award, Best Novelette:
“The Dualist,” Writers of the Future Vol. 27

Hugo/Nebula Award, Best Short Story:
“Random Fire,” Abyss & Apex, 4th Quarter 2011

Also eligible for Best Short Story:
“Losing Your Grip,” Linger Fiction, Feb 2011
“The Burbles,” The Dream People #36
“The Truth About Mother,” Arcane (Cold Fusion, Dec)

I have no realistic shot at being nominated in any of these categories, but nominations for the Campbell Award could conceivably be meaningful, because I’ll be eligible next year as well, and I think having some nominations in the first year of eligibility can help one’s chances in the second year.  You can find a list of other Campbell-eligible authors at Writertopia.

I’ll be grateful for any nominations for “The Dualist” or “Random Fire.”  As for the other eligible stories, I’d frankly rather have you nominate some of the more worthy stories out there, such as “Movement” by Nancy Fulda or “Ray of Light” by Brad R. Torgersen.  I’ll be posting a list of my Hugo Recommendations some time before the March 11 deadline for nominations.


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