January 10, 2012

Arcane Review

Posted in Writing tagged at 10:06 pm by Van Aaron Hughes

At her Skull Honey blog, author Leslianne Wilder has posted a positive review of the Arcane anthology.

She picks “Kiss of Death” by Jeremy Zimmerman as her favorite of the lighter pieces in Arcane, but also favorably mentions my story “The Truth About Mother”:

Actually I was delighted by every single funny story in this anthology (“The Truth About Mother” and “All Coated in Bonemeal” are also straight up hilarious, which you don’t always get in horror).

“Straight up hilarious”?  Works for me!



  1. Hey Aaron, it’s Eileen from MileHiCon. Just wanted you to know I recently read the Writers of the Future antho you appeared in, and I enjoyed your story. (Actually, it was more than a month ago, but sometimes I’m slow about this sort of thing.) I enjoyed most of the stories in the antho, which is good–I should probably stop submitting if I don’t like their choices!

  2. Hi, Eileen!

    I’m glad you liked the Writers of the Future anthology. I think there are some wonderful pieces in there, which makes me feel very good about appearing alongside them. You should definitely keep submitting!


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