December 23, 2011

Story Published

Posted in Writing tagged at 1:57 pm by Van Aaron Hughes

The Arcane anthology, containing my story “The Truth About Mother,” is now available at Amazon. “The Truth About Mother” is a horror/hardboiled mystery/political satire story, in which a Washington, D.C. detective uncovers a Lovecraftian conspiracy:

“My God!” shouts Penny. “The entire government is run by foul creatures, growing fat gradually devouring the rest of us!”

“What did you think?” I answer.

When I wrote this piece I figured it was probably unpublishable, but thankfully Arcane editor Nathan Shumate has weird, eclectic tastes.

Arcane started out as a magazine, and the one issue published in that format (now retroactively designated the Arcane Sampler) included one of my favorite stories of 2011, Jaelithe Ingold’s “Gingerbread and Ashes.”  But Nathan Shumate decided to switch to an anthology format. So while the Arcane Sampler was a slender 73 pages, the new Arcane anthology is a whopping 338 pages of goodness, including a host of up-and-coming authors. I am particularly delighted to share a table of contents with Gemma Files, author of weird Westerns A Book of Tongues and A Rope of Thorns and of powerful horror stories like “each thing i show you is a piece of my death” (co-authored with Stephen J. Barringer) and “When I’m Armouring My Belly.”

“The Truth About Mother” is my sixth published story and my fifth of 2011, much to my own amazement.



  1. yhosby said,

    Congratulations on getting your book published!!!!

    Keep smiling,
    Yawatta Hosby

  2. Thanks!

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