December 12, 2011

(Mostly) Nice Review from Diabolical Plots

Posted in Writing tagged , , at 3:55 pm by Van Aaron Hughes

Frank Dutkiewicz has done his annual Writers of the Future review for Diabolical Plots. He has a lot of positive things to say about the anthology, with some reservations. As for my story “The Dualist,” he declares:

Of all the writers in this anthology, Mr Hughes’ skill for the penned word stands out the brightest.

I do not agree with this assessment, but I’m very happy someone thinks so.

He goes on to say he loved the first two-thirds of the story — “I was completely taken in with it. He framed an excellent premise, wrote engaging characters, and brought his setting to life for me.” — but disliked the last portion and the ending. I’m strangely pleased by this. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on the ending of “The Dualist,” and my biggest worry with the story has always been that it takes too long to get to the last scene. So it’s nice to hear from someone who especially liked the earlier passages. Thanks, Frank!


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  1. Frank Dutkiewicz said,

    You’re welcome

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