November 10, 2011

Mixed Review from Lois Tilton

Posted in Writing tagged , , at 12:31 pm by Van Aaron Hughes

Locus Online has posted the latest reviews of short fiction by Lois Tilton, arguably the premier reviewer of short SF/F today. She reviews the new issue of Abyss & Apex, including my story “Random Fire.” After a short synopsis she concludes:

This one does a neat thing I’ve never seen done exactly this way before, that could only be done in hypertext, a medium generally overrated. The story itself isn’t overly well done, but the neat thing is so neat I might almost overlook the fact.

Okay, so the “isn’t overly well done” part stings a bit, but I’m very pleased that she noticed and appreciated the story’s gimmick. The fact that she has never seen it done before says something, since she reads a lot of short fiction.

She didn’t give the story a recommendation, but she is notoriously stingy with them — she recommended only 3 of the 37 stories she reviewed in this column. The other authors she reviewed in this column but didn’t recommend include the likes of Elizabeth Bear, Tobias Buckell, Lavie Tidhar, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and Ferrett Steinmetz, so I am in terrific company!


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