October 26, 2011

Nice Review

Posted in Writing tagged at 4:07 pm by Van Aaron Hughes

Chris Hawks, aka Salt-Man Z, has posted a favorable review of Writers of the Future, Vol. XXVII, including a very nice assessment of my story “The Dualist”:

“The Dualist” by Aaron Hughes — At this point, the trend seems to be that the even-numbered stories are my favorites. It wasn’t until the last couple of pages that I figured out where this story was going, and it wasn’t until the final paragraphs that I understood, and was thusly blown away. A surprisingly moving tale.

Thanks, Chris!

Chris goes on to list “The Dualist” as one of his five favorites in the collection. The other four in his top five include the same three stories I selected as my personal favorites in giving out Story Recommendations of the Week at the Fantastic Reviews Blog (“Maddy Dune’s First and Only Spelling Bee” by Patrick O’Sullivan, “In Apprehension, How Like a God” by R.P.L. Johnson, and “Medic!” by Adam Perin), along with John Arkwright’s “The Sundial,” which I also enjoyed very much. The apparent moral is that someone with similar tastes to mine is likely to enjoy my story, which I suppose shouldn’t be surprising, but I find it oddly gratifying.



  1. saltmanz said,

    Thanks for the kind words, Aaron! I gotta say, whereas most of the other stories in WotFv27 (man, even abbreviated, that title’s a monster!), “The Dualist” might have grown on me the most since I read it. Much of the credit belongs to you, naturally, for a great story written so well–I can start to feel the moss growing on me as I type this–but also to, uh, Frederick Edwards (thanks, Google!) for his fantastic rendering of such a pivotal scene.

  2. Thanks again!

    Yes, Freddie’s illustration for the story is outstanding. The full-size picture hanging in my study looks even better — that’s another perq of the Contest, that you get to keep the original illustration. Freddie and I have talked about doing a children’s book together, which I hope we eventually get a chance to do.

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