March 27, 2015

AnomalyCon Schedule

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I will be at AnomalyCon, Denver’s premier steampunk convention, all this weekend, March 27-29. My panel schedule:

Saturday, 1:00 p.m.  Copyright, Plagiarism and Ethics.  Van Aaron Hughes & Josh Vogt

Sunday, 1:00 p.m.  Evolving the Writing Process.  Thomas A. Fowler, Van Aaron Hughes, Jody Lynn Nye & Josh Vogt

Sunday, 2:00 p.m.  The Critical Eye.  J.A. Campbell & Van Aaron Hughes

That means I’ll have panels wearing my lawyer hat, my writer hat, and my reviewer hat.  Now if only I had those hats with neat goggles!

In addition to the above-named folks, there will be a host of cool people at AnomalyCon, like Cory Doctorow and Molly Tanzer and Mario Acevedo and Carrie Vaughn and Lou Berger and many more.  Hope to see you there!

August 18, 2014

Story Sale

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I’m delighted to report that my novelette “The Body Pirate” has sold to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

F&SF has been one of the top magazines in the field since 1949, so it is a great honor to appear again in its pages. This is my 10th story sale, 5th sale to a professional market, and 2nd sale to F&SF, all numbers I never would have expected to reach when I started this writing thing.

“The Body Pirate” is my weirdest piece yet, with formatting oddities and lots of invented pronouns, so I’m very happy editor Gordon Van Gelder was willing to take a chance on it. I expect the story will appear in an issue early in 2015.

August 8, 2014

Malcon 2 Schedule

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I will be at the 2014 Myths and Legends Con here in Denver all this weekend, August 8-10. My schedule:

Friday, 8:00 p.m. Author Reading.

Saturday, 9:00 a.m. The Trials and Triumphs of Short Fiction. Quincy J. Allen, J.A. Campbell, Van Aaron Hughes

Saturday, 3:00 p.m. What Was the Golden Age of Fantasy? Lou J. Berger, Van Aaron Hughes, Aaron Spriggs

Saturday, 4:00 p.m. George R.R. Martin Outside Game of Thrones. Jessica Brawner, Van Aaron Hughes, Jake Spriggs

Saturday, 6:00 p.m. The Sex of Game of Thrones. Betsy Dornbusch, Thomas A. Fowler, Van Aaron Hughes, Stant Litore, Kronda Seibert

I’m also going to try to do one of the Game of Thrones readings, either at 7:00 p.m. Saturday or 2:00 p.m. Sunday.

Hope to see you there!

July 10, 2014

People Say the Nicest Things . . .

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A huge thank you to new writer Tobacco Jones, whose first story is due out soon from Bete Noire magazine. He came across my story “Random Fire” and had these awfully nice things to say:

I just read a short story by Van Aaron Hughes in Abyss & Apex, called “Random Fire.” It’s sort of Van’s take on time travel, which in a way treads on a road well traveled. But, in this case, Van does it brilliantly. I literally got goose bumps while reading this, and they stayed. Probably the best short story I’ve ever read, honestly.

Aw, shucks! I didn’t know Tobacco Jones before he posted this, but when I saw it, I promptly e-mailed to tell him that if “Random Fire” is the best story he’s ever read, he needs to read more!

Meanwhile, this is from Shawn Camp’s review at My Dad Reads of the January issue of InterGalactic Medicine Show:

The best story here had to be “Seven Tips to Enjoy Your Time in the Unreal Forest” by Van Aaron Hughes. A kid struggling to fit in amongst bullies, girls, and an abusive father discovers a secret. In the end he discovers loss and wishes to share a message with everyone. A sad story with an important message.

Thanks for that, Shawn!

You know, you write these short stories and send them out into the world, but you’re never really sure if anyone but your closest friends is reading them. It’s awfully gratifying when somebody you don’t know responds to a piece you wrote.

June 17, 2014

Daniel Keyes (1927-2014)

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Flowers for AlgernonSo sorry to hear that Daniel Keyes has passed away.

Keyes wrote some other excellent SF and true crime, but will always be best remembered for “Flowers for Algernon,” which to my mind remains the greatest short story every written. It had a profound effect on me as a young reader, and it has never failed to move me to tears when I’ve reread it over the years. (Okay, when I read it out loud for Pizza & Prose at my office, I managed to hold off the tears.) I’ve never been able to read the novel or watch the film versions, because the story is so perfect I’m reluctant to experience it in any other form.

I mentioned Charlie Gordon in my Writers of the Future speech. The last line of my first published story was a deliberate paraphrase from the end of “Flowers for Algernon.” And it pains me that no one ever picked up on the fact that in my story “The Long View” in F&SF, the narrator is named Emzara Ghali-Gordon and refers to her husband as “Chuck.”

Farewell to a brilliant writer.

March 15, 2014

Story Published

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Electric Spec Mar 14My MuseMy story “Butcher’s Hook” was published today as part of the March 2014 issue of Electric Spec magazine (cover image by Ron Sanders).

Winners of the Writers of the Future Contest are all flown out to Hollywood for a week-long workshop with Tim Powers and an assortment of other top-notch science fiction and fantasy authors. Every year, the winners are challenged to write a story in 24 hours. Everyone receives a different prop to incorporate into the story and is abandoned on Hollywood Boulevard with instructions to have a 30-minute conversation with a complete stranger, who hopefully will provide inspiration for a character in the story. The year I was one of the winners, my prop was a small hook and my stranger-on-the-street turned out, by blind luck, to be the amazingly talented and beautiful actress Carolyn Stotesbery, pictured to the right.

Go check out “Butcher’s Hook” if you’re curious what I did with these prompts.

March 7, 2014

Nice Feedback from Tangent Online

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F&SF Mar-Apr 2013I neglected to mention here that my story “The Long View” made Tangent Online’s 2013 Recommended Reading List, with three stars, their highest rating. Among the other three-star recommendations are stories by some friends, including Brad R. Torgersen and Matthew S. Rotundo, and a lot of authors I hugely admire, like Gene Wolfe and Susan Palwick and Rachel Swirsky and Ken Liu and Ted Chiang and plenty more. I am greatly honored to be included in such amazing company!

More recently, Michelle Ristuccia at Tangent reviewed the January/February issue of IGMS, and had nice things to say about my story “Seven Tips to Enjoy Your Time in the Unreal Forest”:

By blending the real and the unreal, this insightful coming of age tale explores the moral quandaries that arise when actions do not trigger overt consequences. The format provides a tidy package that follows from the title, yet nonetheless tells a linear story.

Thanks for that, Michelle!

February 26, 2014

Free Story

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Random Fire illoAbyss & Apex magazine has decided this year to drop its subscription firewall and make all of its archived fiction available for free. That’s a whole lot of excellent stories you can now sample without charge. A couple Abyss & Apex pieces I’ve recommended in the past are “Deutoroi” by Samantha Henderson and “The Coldest Room in the House” by Lon Prater, but there’s plenty more good stuff to be found there.

This also means my story “Random Fire” is now publicly available. I’m very happy about this, because that particular story was deliberately written for publication on the Web, so I’m glad to have it accessible there for free. The story does not work quite right in other formats. You’ll have to read it to see what I mean. It’s my most gimmicky story so far, and my only attempt at time travel, but I’m still rather fond of it.

February 25, 2014

Story Behind the Story

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seven-tips-to-enjoy-your-timeAt InterGalactic Medicine Show‘s editorial blog, Side-Show Freaks, IGMS has been posting authors’ notes about the stories in the new issue. Here is my post about “Seven Tips to Enjoy Your Time in the Unreal Forest.”

February 20, 2014

Story Sale

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My story “Butcher’s Hook” has sold to Electric Spec magazine. I wrote “Butcher’s Hook” in 24 hours at the Writers of the Future workshop, something I absolutely did not think I could do, until I did it.

Electric Spec is a small fiction webzine, which has published a lot of top-notch stories, for instance this one I recommended recently at the Fantastic Reviews Blog. “Butcher’s Hook” is scheduled to appear in the March issue.

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